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"The drum sounds great. It'svery fat and solid, and though it sounds great on it's own, it really worked well when the whole band was playing. It pushed through the mix without getting in the way. Highly recommend..."


Glenn Preston

House Sound Engineer-

Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk Keep.jpg

'"I asked Jim to make a custom drum for me that was 6.5 x 14 with ten lugs. It turned out great, and I am using it on the current Grand Funk Tour. Lot's of crack, lot's of character, lot's of bottom, and overall a HUGE sound.

Great job Jim"...

Don Brewer

Grand Funk Railroad

Untitled Photo.jpg
Modern Drummer Logo_.jpg
Modern Drummer-July 2021-Jules Radino- (Blue Oyster Cult, Bad Penny)-1.5 Steel-- 
4 x 15 & 5.5 x 14
4 (2).png
Canvas Rebel Magazine-April 2024-
Andres Felipe  Silva Gomez-
(Savannah Rae,  LaShola Studio-Nashville)
Beier Snare Drums
EvanArticle (2).jpg
Modern Drummer Logo~.jpg
Modern Drummer-December 2020-Evan Hutchings
Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15-Gear Section
NSMDTS (1).jpg
Not So Modern Drummer-Last Flight Home-Todd Sucherman's Debut Solo Album-A Track By Track Breakdown-Beier 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 15
Tommy MD (1).jpg
Modern Drummer Logo.jpg
Modern Drummer-April 2020-Tommy Harden (Lost Hollow Band, Reba, Nashville Sessions)
Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15
Modern Drummer Logo.jpg
Modern Drummer-November 2018-Seth Rausch (Keith Urban)-Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15
Modern Drummer-February 2018-Beier 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 15 & 7.5 x 15
Modern Drummer-March 2017-Garrett Goodwin
(Carrie Underwood)-Beier 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14
Modern Drummer-January 2017-Monte Yoho (The Outlaws)-Beier 1.5 Steel--5.5, 6.5 x 14

Modern Drummer-May 2016-Pat McDonald (Charlie Daniels)-Beier 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14

Modern Drummer-February-2016-Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15 & 5.5 x 15

Planet Drum-Musikmesse-2016-
Beier 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 15
Drumhead August.jpg
Drumheadmag-logo (1).jpg
Drumhead Magazine-August-2018-Todd Sucherman-Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15
Drumhead Magazine-Special Issue-2018-Todd Sucherman-Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15
FOH Online-March 2017-Steve LaCerra (Blue Oyster Cult)-Beier 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14
Off Beat-Michael Aubrecht-February 2017-
Jason Hartless (Ted Nugent)
Beier 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14
Musico Pro-November 2016-Eddie Bayers-Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15, 5.5 x 14
Bonedo-Gear Chat-November 2016-Achim Faerber (Eisbrecher, Project Pitchfork, Prag, Automat, Peter Heppner)-Beier 1.5 Steel Snare Series
Bonedo Review-April 2016-Achim Faerber (Eisbrecher, Project Pitchfork, Prag, Automat, Peter Heppner)-Beier 1.5 Steel Snare-5.5 x 15- 2012-Andy Parker-(UFO)-Beier Snare Drums
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