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"I had the amazing opportunity to meet one of my 
drum heroes-Andy Parker after a show. My first 
question was: 'What kind of snare is that? It's 
incredible!' He told me it was manufactured by 
Beier Drums, and he gave me one of their business 
cards. I didn't hesitate, and contacted Jim Beier the 
next day. Within a few weeks, I was the proud 
owner of one of his snare drums. This snare is so 
versatile! I can get the warm/vintage tone I like, or 
can tune it up and get the snap that cuts through 
everything. You can truly hear the craft that went 
into this drum. Jim obviously loves what he 
does,and it shows in his work. I'm blown away. 
Needless to say, this will be my mainstay for many 
years to come"

Mike Collins
Metts Ryan & Collins, Dilana, Earl Slick, Throwback Suburbia, Ken Stringfellow
Please Note: Beier Drums is no longer in active Retail Production. Please see the Press Release here, and visit the FAQ page for additional information. Thank You!
COMING SOON-Latest News On The Beier 15" Commemorative Snare Drum....
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