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"My 1.5 Steel--8x15 Beier snare drum by James Beier....Is a majestic instrument...."

Theodore Brown

Sonny Rhodes, Selwyn Birchwood

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"Oodles of thanks to James Beier at Beier Drums for the blog mention. I've been using two of his snare drums pretty much exclusively since I bought them and I can't say enough good things about them. The drums sound and feel fantastic, microphones love them and they are just consistently great from night to night, gig to gig. And they are very affordable"...Donn Deniston (Mike Gentry, The Invasion, Tyler Rigdon, Independent)

"I asked Jim to make a custom drum for me that was 6.5 x 14 with ten lugs. It turned out great, and I am using it on the current Grand Funk Tour. Lot's of crack, lot's of character, lot's of bottom, and overall a HUGE sound. Great Job Jim"...Don Brewer (Grand Funk Railroad)
"I love my Beier 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14. It is the best drum I have ever owned..." Artimus Pyle (Artimus Pyle Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame)
"It's been behind the kit since it arrived, and that's where it's going to stay. Out of all the snare drums I've played, the 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 15 is by far the best one"...William Dilla (Independent)
"So it was an honor to meet one of my drum heroes-Andy Parker of UFO. Of course we got to talking drums, and I told him how impressed I was by the sound of his snare drum, and asked him what kind it was. He told me it was made by a company called Beier Drums, and he gave me one of their business cards. The next day I emailed James Beier. I'll forever be grateful for meeting Andy that first time a few years back and I'm especially grateful for having the opportunity to finally meet James! I could never thank him enough for his ongoing support and friendship. My Beier snare drum is the best snare drum I've ever owned, and will continue to be my go-to whenever I'm in the studio, or performing live. Thank you James for an amazing time in St. Charles last weekend. I'll never forget it!"...Mike Collins (Metts, Ryan & Collins, Rooftop Screamers, Throwback Suburbia, Dilana, Earl Slick, Ken Stringfellow)
"Beier Drums....Amazing instruments."...Jamo Van de Bogert (Greg Allman)
"Beier Drums...Bringing the 15" snare back"...Ben Harrison (Snare Source, Independent)

"It's a B.O.C. and Loverboy show tonight. I'd like to send a huge Thank You to James Beier for taking such great care of us. Every drummer should own a Beier Snare...They are amazing"....Jim Mears (Drum Tech-Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat)
"My universal weapon and workhorse for everything is no doubt a Beier 1.5 Steel 6.5 x 14“ snare! It is simply the best sounding snare I have ever owned. And if you are searching for something really special, check out the Beier 1.5 Steel 8" x 15" snare...This is a Monster! Awesome craftsmanship by Jim Beier"...Jochen Bauer (Heavens A Beer)
"There's snares, and then there's Beier's. Great sounding drum!"...Michael O'Toole (Sham Rock)

"Flying with gear is a pain in the rear. I take two things to be comfortable: My Kik pedal and my Beier Drums 14x6.5 snare.The snare sound in a monitor mix to me and the band is crucial. Especially playing train beats and a big band around you. Thanks James Beier for making me feel at home on the road"...Chad Melchert (Abbigail Road Drum Studio, Gord Bamford, CCMA Hall Of Honor)

"The best 15" snare drum I have ever heard"...Harry McCarthy (Drum Paradise Nashville)

"Thanks to James Beier for sending a Beier Steel 1.5mm 15 x 5.5 in white. I do not have any white drums, nor have I ever had a 15”. Big sound indeed!"...Todd Sucherman (Styx)

"For all of you who love the 2mm Brass, and you know I do...Say hello to it's meaner, leaner little brother. The new 1.5 Steel Drums have all the bark that one has come to expect from a Beier Snare. Plus...They have one hell of a bite! I think Jim has a real winner here"...Andy Parker-UFO

"Great hang with my buddy James Beier yesterday at the Arcada Theatre. Thank you so much for my new 8x14 1.5 Steel Beier Snare Drum. Its has 8 tube lugs, and is decked out with all black nickel hardware. It’s so beautiful, and sounds amazing"...Michael Foster (Firehouse)



"James is a good friend of mine. I made through Twitter back when I was doing the “Behind The Kit” podcast. I remember seeing his drums and thinking of how great they looked. We connected and talked through messages for a while, me trying to get James on my show. At the time James didn’t think he had anything to bring to the table, but eventually we made it happen, and boy was he wrong! This episode will inspire you to chase after your passion and give you insight on just how James did that very thing. Lots of wisdom in this one! Enjoy!"...Matt Dudley Drumming Podcast

"Got my Beier snare drum in today! It is a 13 x 6.5 and I got it from Trey Gray, drummer for Brooks and Dunn, Ronnie Dunn, Jewell, Faith Hill, and more. This drum sounds awesome"...Luke Matheson (Aaron Lewis)

"This 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 15 drum is just a wonderful thing to own. Tuning it is easier then any other drum I own, is goes anywhere but sounds really special when you get it low. And because of the lovely black finish it fits right in"...Darrell Bones (Independent)

"And for the win;: 6.5x14 and 5.5x12 James Beier Snare Drums"...David Northrup (Joe Nichols, Boz Scaggs, Rick Derringer, Oak Ridge Boys, Travis Tritt)
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