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As I finish the final Retail Production run of drums from here, I will be returning to the Latest News, and it will always continue. 

There are dozens of articles in cue about the drums on various shows, records, news about & from drummers, tours, recent television shows, and comments about the drums from a variety of sources. This is a part of this that I have always loved to do, and to date have written 827 articles. I have always felt archiving written material and factual history is very important as a reference. So much information on social media (which I have enjoyed in the past) is there & gone in a flash, but to a certain degree is then lost forever. It is the nature of the format. The history of drums, and specific brands, is a fascinating one. Information can get distorted and lost easily in today's fast moving media world.

In particular, I will be focusing on the manufacturing, reissuing, dedicated, and sole efforts by Beier Drums to fully bring the 15" snare drum back to the industry, and introduce a complete line. It was wildly successful, and there are numerous other 15" drums out there now as a result being offered from craftsmen, large drum companies, builders, and importers alike. The history of my efforts here on that have been extremely detailed, cataloged, documented, dated, archived, and widely publicized for many years with the many hundreds of 15 " drums I manufactured for the industry...Since Day 1. 


I will not be actively interacting, only on occasion, on social media platforms. However, I will see posts, and all of  that information will be reported in the Latest News, and cataloged here on this site. The Player Pictorial Directory will constantly be updated, and there are hundreds of pictures to add to it already, hundreds of videos, and I will be cataloging records as they are released. I will be staying in touch with players from around the world on a continual basis, and will notify them of these updates. I look forward very much to staying in touch with all of you.


As I worked here, I had my thoughts on the drums. Obviously those were great thoughts, or I would not have released any of the drums. But the only true way to experience what you have created is through Musicians. You all gave me that opportunity for many years, and through an almost infinite number of examples. Thank You All For That.

TBC....For many years......

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